Monday, June 29, 2009


So it's been a while since I've posted . . . again . . . . Here I was thinking I was going to have all this free time once I finished my calculus class. No such luck. At least I haven't been sitting at home doing math all day long!

Here's a random list of happenings, in no particularly order.

I'm interning at Omniture. Sort of. It's rather expensive to have a non-paid internship that's a forty minute drive away, but it's definitely good experience. I got off to a bit of a rocky start, but things seem to be going a lot better now, and I get to work with some really talented people.

I've developed a new and highly irrational fear of creepers. I'm talking about the kind of creepers that would grab my ankles from under the bed, or something like that. I make my brothers check every room of my floor at Grandma's house when they come to visit. I also kneel down and check under the beds every night before I say prayers. Nevermind the fact that the beds are technically too low to the ground and impossible to crawl under. For some reason, my visions of creepers always involve people with icky clown masks from "The Dark Knight" running around. Moral of the story- if you ever hide out at my house and jump out at me at night, I probably won't speak to you again. Ever.

Grant got home from his mission late last Thursday night. It was so fun to pick him up at the airport. I was in charge of bringing Grant's two best friends. Half the family was in PJs and half asleep. The other half of the family could hardly stand still. It was actually pretty thrilling to see him come down that escalator. He's adorable and fun. It has been a blast to have him home. I'm proud of him for serving a mission. It sounds like he did a lot of good.

I'm putting together a marketing team for the Collegiate Entrepreneur's Organization. The whole VP thing has been nothing but stress for the last month, but I'm getting really excited now that I have a few team members on board. I'm having a ridiculous time trying to find graphic designers, though. Apparently there are none to be found at BYU right now. Either that, or I'm just looking in all the wrong places.

Here's my favorite bit of news: I am going to be a research assistant for a doctor who is studying global health systems, particularly in the developing world. ( ) I'm super excited about his project. I'm also really hoping this could lead some more international travel. We all know I have a thing for ghetto third-world countries. It looks like there are some definite possibilities there, so fingers crossed!

In between all those things there has been hiking, grandma time, weddings, seeing old friends, and all that stuff.

So that's it, folks. Update adjourned.

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